This website no longer exists. Since 2007. I have been creating art under the name killmonkies. The name started as an inside joke based on my initials K.M. and a Tool song. I created a story about monkeys that escaped from the Detroit zoo to become of a group of revolutionary monkey soldiers on an artistic ramage creating pop art using the opposable thumbs on both their hands and feet. But as the years went on, and more people started following my art and writing, the less appealing, to me, the name became. Firstly it’s confusing to have my website be killmonkies when all of my published writing is under my own name. Also the name required so much explaining. Even tho it is always stated that “killmonkies are monkies that kill” people always asked “Why do you want to kill monkeys?” And that’s another thing, the violence of the name. It’s not something I’m interested in anymore as a play on words or a sort of fantastical story. So If you’d like to follow my work, please go to There’s nothing really to explain about my real name, except maybe how to correctly spell it or pronounce it.